Friday, June 6, 2014

Leave-In Hair Treatment Sprays for Summer!

By: Don Stacy Patronelli

ith these hot days ahead of us, we need to do what we can to protect our color, scalp, and hair health! If you are someone who is a little bit more on the thrifty side, then you will LOVE these very simple and efficient homemade summer sprays!

The basics:
  • Start with a spray bottle. You can find these super cheap at drugstores and dollar stores
  • Add 3 Tablesppons of SPF. We suggest a natural sun-cream with a minimum factor of at least 35.
  • Add any of the following by its self or combination to create the ultimate leave-in! 

Coconut Oil – Honestly, Coconut oil should automatically be added to your little leave in concoction – no matter what else you wish to add! Its benefits include: Shields Hair Protein (Fatty acids bind to the protein in hair and protect both the roots and strands of hair from breakage), Seals in Moisture, Protects against environmental impurities and excess heat (summer!), Full of Nutrients and natural antioxidants, Antibacterial & Antifungal, Smoothes, Softens, and Strengthens.  Just add a Tablespoon to 2 depending on hair length and thickness.  We suggest an organic (because nobody likes harsh chemicals that can remove color and do a reverse effect and damage hair instead!), extra virgin and unrefined coconut oil that can be found at any natural stores like the fresh market, whole foods, trader joes.

Sea Salt
– Want to make your own beach spray? Grinded sea salt will add that wavy texture we love for the ultimate surfer look. Mix ½ tablespoon to 1 tablespoon depending on length/thickness with 1 tablespoon coconut oil, and 1 tablespoon hair gel (we suggest DevaCurl Light Gel for extra curl).

Lemon Juice
– Lemon juice has been used for years to softly lighten hair in the sun. But it also has added benefits, including: Reducing oils, Scalp Stimulation, prevents breakage, and makes hair shiny! Use 1 lemon (preferably organic), cut it in half and squeeze all the juice into the bottle.  

Aloe Vera
– Aloe Vera is great for sunburns during the summer, but did you know it’s also great for hair? The enzymes found in Aloe have been proven to promote healthy hair growth by eradicating dead skin cells on the scalp that clog the hair follicle, and its alkalizing properties will bring the scalp and hair’s pH to a more desirable level, resulting in further hair growth promotion and retaining moisture in your hair strands. The 20 different amino acids that are found in aloe vera also penetrate each hair strand that adds both strength and luster to the hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar
– This may sound like a super odd thing to apply to your hair, but the benefits you can achieve from ACV are amazing! When applied to your hair, it can: stop and prevent dandruff, relieve an itching scalp, cleanse strands from build-up and oils, and even add incredible shine! Add 3 Tablespoons to your bottle. If you are concerned with the smell, a few drops of your choice of essential oil will completely mask the ACV scent.

Lavender Essential Oil – Not only does lavender oil add a delightfully relaxing scent, but it's a regenerative oil that will condition the hair and scalp and enhance blood circulation. Add a few drops to your bottle.

Rosemary Essential Oil – Another scent booster oil that will also stimulate hair growth by stimulating and nourishing hair follicles, but is also great for creating a healthy scalp and will relieve itching due to dandruff and psoriasis. Add a few drops to your bottle.

Sesame Seed Oil
– Not only does sesame strengthen the hair shaft, it is perfect for summer as it protects the scalp and strand from the effects of chlorine in pool water! 4-6 Tablespoons added to bottle depending on hair length.

Peppermint Oil
– Refreshing oil that creates a healthy environment for your scalp by balancing pH level, stimulates hair follicles, cleanses excess oil, and stimulates blood circulation. Just add a few drops to your bottle.

Green Tea
– Good to drink, and good for your hair! Green tea is PACKED with healthy antioxidants and has a potent concentration of polyphenols - They protect the cells from being damaged by free radicals and are also known to slow the ageing process. Green tea also helps to detoxify the hair and scalp. Brew 3 to 5 green tea tea bags in 2 cups boiling water and let it steep until cold, or as long as possible (the stronger, the better!).  Remove tea bags and pour your bottle. *No need to add water afterwards*

Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil in great for adding volume to thinning hair, adds elasticity, repairs damage, creates shiny strands, hydrating, and is antibacterial! Add 2 – 4 Tablespoons to the bottle depending on hair length and thickness.

Argan Oil – High in antioxidants and vitamins A and D, this oil prevents breakage and promotes smooth, moisturized hair. The antioxidants slow down the negative effects that breakage and damage can cause. Add 2-4 Tablespoons to your leave in depending on length and thickness. Be careful with this one though, due to the amber tint that argan oil has, it has been known to add that tint to hair and can cause blondes / lighter colored hair to look brassy when used regularly!

Flax Seed Oil
– Flax seed oil is full of omega 3, 6 and 9 and is great for optimal hair health. Not only does this oil smooth cuticles and add shine, it is also perfect for curly hair girls as it can add definition and moisture!

Hair Gel
– This can be added to your leave in treatment purely for hold.  We suggest GoldWell Jelly Boost, as it has anti-humectant properties to it – perfect for that North Carolina humidity! Add 2-5 Tablespoons depending on desired hold and the length and thickens of your hair. 

  • Finish off your leave-in treatment spray with pouring distilled water into the rest of your bottle! *No need if you chose to add Green Tea*
   Be creative and have fun with this, you can't go wrong and your hair will thank you!