Saturday, March 10, 2018

No Short Cuts

No Short Cuts: We put you first at Dsparada Color Salon.

By Don and Jen Patronelli

Eighteen years ago I founded Dsparada Color Salon, and together Jen and I have made it one of the top-rated salons in Raleigh. We started in Five Points and grew with the area. Now our salon is located in North Raleigh on Falls of Neuse Road. After traveling the world doing hair, my final stop was in Raleigh. I knew immediately that this area would need a great hair salon   to accompany the thousands of heads moving here every year.
     We strongly believe that when it comes to hair everyone should be happy because when you love the way you look you express it out into the world. One of our clients, Julie Woodson, says, "Don and Jen have been doing my hair for over a year now and my hair has never looked better or healthier. both are fantastic at what they do."
     Our whole process starts with great communication. That's why the color consultation is the most important part of your appointment. We spend anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes with you going over everything from pictures and swatches to how much time it will take and what the services cost. This consultation is so important and it's not just for new clients, it's for ALL clients as an extra step we take to ensure you're happy.

Our Color Philosophy
     When it comes to hair color three factors determine what the best color is for you: first, the time of year; second, your skin tone; third, your eye color.
     About every six months you should be ready to change your overall look, and the quickest way to do that is with a color and haircut. The time of year lets us know whether to go darker or lighter. The standards are to go darker in the fall and winter and lighter in the spring and summer. 
    When we look at your skins undertones, we check to see if you have green undertones ( a cool color). If you have pink undertones, the cool to medium warm tones can look best on you. 
      Eye color is also key because you want your eye color to stand out. For example, if you have green eyes with gold flecks and you like lighter tones, then a Carmel blonde to match your eyes would be a great choice. Or, if you have blue eyes and a light complexion, copper tones might be your best bet.
      You should also consider how different lighting can affect your color. Consider that at home your color looks one way and when you are outdoors or in the office it can look another way. All of our lighting that you see from outside from the hours of 4:00pm until 7:00pm. this is the best and most true to tone light to view your hair. Our location is also surrounded by windows to make the most of evaluating your hair in natural light. 

Our Cut Philosophy 
    Our cutting techniques are unsurpassed; i graduated from Vidal Sassoon in London and brought my expertise back to the states. So whether you like strong lines, such as a blunt bob, or a softer look such as a shag, we have the haircut for you.
    Several things we consider are: first, your best facial features; second, your face shape; and third, your lifestyle. For instance, are you always at the office and need to look your best at all times? Or are you a new mom and don't have time to do alot of styling? These are all things we need to take into consideration when choosing your perfect look.
     This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we offer at Dsparada and what helps set us apart. Hair is an important part of who we are and what we stand for. Plus, it's not just hair; it's your best accessory and something you wear every day. Why not come and let out talented staff at Raleigh's best salon take car of you and make you feel like the amazing person you are! Long time customer Laurie Ruettimann says, "Without hesitation, I recommend Dsparada to my family and friends. If you're thinking about trying a new look or have grown tired with your current stylist, it's the best salon in Raleigh.

Friday, September 8, 2017

How to - Fall Fashionista

How to- Fall Fashionista

In a world where trends change like the cover of magazines, it’s hard to know what kind
of change you should make to your hair this fall season. With summer seemingly in our rear
view mirrors and our hair left out to dry, it’s time to look forward to fall and embrace a change.
The season of crisp, rich deep haircolors and short sassy textured haircuts is upon us!
This season try on a cropped style for a change, take those long beachy waves and
giving them a chop,shoulder length is where sophistication begins this fall but wait this haircut is
versatile! You can smooth this out and have a beautiful sleek, layered haircut and by night with
the quick twirl of a curling wand have sassy flirty waves. Try combining this haircut with some
caramel blonde balayage over a chestnut base this adds dimension to your hair and when you
twirl your curling wand the dimension pops even more.
If simple glamour is more your thing try a smoky brown or a crisp platinum blonde,with
an every hair in its place cut, cut to your chin and a dramatic fringe to top it off. All eyes on you
as you strut your stuff! Cool tones are what’s hot right now from summer right into fall. If your
underlying skin tone notes pink or blue know that you can wear anything from a smokey brown
to an icy platinum no problem. Long gone are the days when you must go dark in fall and light in
the summer. Just a change of hair color for the change of season is enough to make you feel
If you are a little more geek chic then look no further than your pixie long or short. While still very
classic chic this style offers lots texture for easy styling for the on the go, working fashionista!
Kick it up a notch by adding a fashion panel of any rainbow color! This accentuates your
personality just enough to keep them guessing.
Looking for a longer version of sexy?! The shag is full of texture, movement and very
versatile whether you are a wash and go girl or a blow out queen. This haircut looks great wet to
air dry or heat infused. The shorter option is the gypsy shag, think Joan Jet but not 1979 Joan
Jet, 2018 working sophistication or as we like to call it the SSS factor. Strong sexy sassy. This
haircut is a favorite of the season great for any hair type and any face shape. As the shag never
really left is has exploded into this year! What kind of color goes with a shag? You want to focus
on panel coloring or baby lights and less on the balayage, focusing the attention on the face.
Creating more depth in the back and getting lighter towards the face.
Remember always consult with your stylist so that you can have the perfect look for your
face shape and color for your skin tone! Don’t be afraid to try a new trendy look because you
might surprise yourself and realize a new look is exactly what you needed! If bold change isn’t
your thing, subtle changes can be made to any style as you evolve into a trend-setting

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fall for Color

While the temperatures are cooling down, your look is heating up. Rich tones, sexy silhouettes and textured tresses will be at the forefront of trends this fall. I am going to give you some expert insight on how to get seasons most fashion forward styles.
Hair color will be very blended, very beautiful. The bright, strong high fashion colors are a muted back seat and we are seeing a lot of soft tones with warmer color effects. If you are looking for more of a pop of color in your hair but still want to see it more on the conservative side you can have more of the muted tones. We do accent highlights in the salon. Six to eight foils in the hair to give a monet of color here and there. You can camouflage those highlights within our natural hair color or you can make those as bright as you want.
Green is a big color for fall. Just sayin’! Lol! If you have a big personality and you like change, GO FOR IT!
Rusty tones are also going to be really popular. A combination of rust and violet in one. So you have those warm and cool tones.
For blondes, color is like coral, lilac, peach and yes sea foam green. They are beautifully blended into the hair. With brunettes violets, emeralds, and sapphires in the hair look very hot and bold.
For hair color techniques, we’re seeing balayage tones done with naturally warmer, richer tones. We are also seeing a combination of ombre and balayage all in one a combination of blended colors through the mid length but with a pop of bolder color on the ends.  We are also holding strong to the lob! We’re seeing it very weighed and one-length or we’re seeing it with a thicker texture that is broken up for a shorter effect and then trashing into the shag which is what I spoke about in previous article.

Texture is popular on so many different levels. If you have fine hair and you want more body you can build texture through styling products that will create a soft beachy waves in the hair and short hair can make a play on texture. Just have fun with it. Play with different type of tools; flat iron, curling iron, wand, and roll brushes for a beautiful finish. Dsparada color salon does three thousand services a year and we make sure no matter who comes into our salon they are treated as a VIP and receive the absolute best service. 

Winter Winner Hair

Admit it, you spend tons of time shopping for pretty pieces to update your winter wardrobe but pay scant (if any) attention to your poor, suffering strands. And after summers  slaughter of all those feel-good- yet- very- bad –for- your- hair elements like sun, saltwater and chlorine not to mention skipping trips to the salon, your locks are going to need some rehab…like right now! That is why I put together this list of things you can do to make your mane look healthy, shiny and effortlessly beautiful into the holiday season.

The Big Fix
Post-summer is your color dried, fried and faded? No surprise there. To bring it back to life, start with gentle shampooing to remove product buildup. I recommend colorproof detox. Next moisturize to strengthen strands and reduce split ends. Then to add amazing shine I recommend my favorite service clear of color gloss the next time you visit the salon. It’s a great fix for dull hair of any hue and will make it smoother and easier to manage in one simple step.

Lighten Up
While a lot of women darken their hair in the winter I like to take the opposite approach. I think it is a great time to go lighter because winter is dark and dreary.

Try the Razored Layers
Fall in love with your bob all over again by having your stylist add some razor layers. It will let you achieve loose, lived in texture. Plus the razor allows the hair to lock pieces with minimal layers. Ask for weight removal instead of short layers.

Party Time
It’s never to soon to plan ahead for all the seasonal fun to come. Here are some ideas and practice makes party perfect!

To enhance the shape of your short style blow dry it immediately after It is towel dried and use a texture spray or dry shampoo. I recommend Goldwells Dry shampoo. Don’t be afraid to experiment with waves, deep side parts and full voluminous blow outs to keep it fresh. 

Hair for Summer

Change Is In the Hair For Summer 

Don't be stuck in a rut. We've got multiple way to re-imagine your style and match your personality type. 
This summer inspired by different currents, the inevitable return of short hair has the Allure of boyish glamour the innovation of different Balayage techniques are uber creative but also the theme in the air like free motion and liberal movement. The new hot hair trend is the shag. This style gives that sexy undone, done look with little effort. What we have seen from the runways and beauty forecast is that the next big thing is playing up movement and a variety of textural effect. We are seeing stylist opt for everything from heavy fringe in front, side swept bangs or longer piece tendrils around the face.
From the lob to the shag:
Lob has a string line with little to know layers. To change a lob all you need is a great stylist to give you a ton of layers. The addition of layers give you limitless texture and movement.
Shags are commonly achieved by bringing the facial point forward in front of the face. A variety of shaggy layers can be created to pull the focus forward with the shorter layers around the face and longer ones toward the back of the head.
The use of a razor during the cut will aid in achieving those soft, shaggy ends. It’s about the texture keep it mod. But before you walk into the salon and ask for shag make sure they know that you want an updated version: think runway trends of flowing skirts and light summery fabrics. Something more Taylor Swift and less David Cassidy.

Color trends we’ve got what’s hot in hair hues – Here’s the scoop! :

The most desirable color for summer is blond. Lots of highlights, single process, and even double process no matter how light there will be a hint of yellow or blonde tones. We will see less gray, silver, lavender as edgier clients move into softer shades of ash/beige. I see ombre clients moving their highlights further p towards the scalp but still with a noticeable root. Highlight clients will want to shift their base to create a more seamless look while single process client may want to add more colors to contour the face shape and haircut. The balayage technique will be the top technique of summer due to its versatility. Color melting is a softer more blended version of the ombre and that will be big this summer. 

Friday, February 3, 2017

Color Revival

Trade in last year's Ho-Hum colors for some new alternatives!

Whats New
Want to know what hues will be happening in the months to come? Springs the time to go lighter and shorter. For blondes, the Popularity of platinum will continue to grow, just be sure to have the cool skin tone to support it! Red heads who were dark all winter can greet the season with some highlights. As brunette's,  its time to experiment with sombre, also known as a softer ombre,  which is something we will be seeing more of this spring. Plus you can dimensionalize your color with off the scalp highlights. 

Color Forecast 

Sunny apricot- If your torn between blonde and red then there is a fabulous fusion of pale apricot and splashes of gold placed at the temples and into the fringe.  This is used to create even more dimension by having your colorist place slices at the top of the crown.

On Fire Red- Fiery red with lots of subtle dimension can compliment the warmth of any woman. For a peaches and cream completion apply  these shades in the crown with a triangular shape tho create a pinwheel like effect that shimmers like a flickering flame.

Downtown brown
dark chocolate with violet in the formula is just right for anyone with a hipster sense of style. The bob's wispy, shorter than expected bangs look is so striking against the chocolate cherry or chocolate violet hue. Just when we'd heard ombre was over the trend has reemerged in even more dramatic form: in addition, to lighten sections starting further up the hair shaft. In shades like cherry cola to hot caramel, fiery reds and apricot warm browns. Balayage has been around for 20 years and now more popular than ever, its made ombre and sombre today. Its hand painted into section free handed which offers a subtler, more blended look then highlights done with foils. This is my Go to for highlights these days.

Get Layered For Spring
Precise layers are the key to achieving exactly what you want. Low-Key Sexy, this alluring look focuses on layered grids that fall to ear level at the sides, and then go longer and angled at the nape. The result is a chop/ bob hybrid that full on top courtesy of long crown layers and flared ends, peek-a-boo bangs complete the sexy appeal. Going Uber short has never been more popular whether going with a chop pixie or a hip hop hipster feel. A beautiful face takes center stage in these two stunning cuts, adds jagged- edged bangs, pointy sideburns and carefu
lly crafted layers and you will have chic at its best this spring!

Spruce up your hair color

What's hot in the months to come?
Sizzling color!

Brunettes/Hot Caramel - If you are a light or medium brunette, spice it up with a caramel or toffee tone with a splash of red in front. Have your colorist add highlights and lowlights to the fringed and try the nape darker.
**Who can wear it: If you give one shade more dominance then the other it will compliment cool or warm skin tones.

Sweet Toffee - A lighter golden brown takes dark blonde into a whole different place or it can let a darker brunette get a taste of a much lighter shade. Roots are left darker for depth and tri tones are placed through the fringe.
**Who can wear it: Almost anyone can wear the shade except for a natural light blonde with blue eyes.

Chocolate Cherry - This deep rich hue sizzles with warmth especially when hair is styled smooth. Just keep in mind that the darker your natural hair the more brown you'll see.
**Who can wear it: If you are a natural brunette you probably have warm skin tones so it will work for you.

In the months to come we will be seeing a lot of warm, chocolate, and coppery tones with sun kissed shimmers in highlights through the base color. For summer we will see adding a few foils through the front of a longer side fringe which is an eye catching pop of color.