Friday, April 19, 2019

Care for your Curls !!

With the Heat & Humidity Coming, your curls are going the be screaming for help! 

Color Proof  carries the amazing product called Tru Curl Perfecting Creme. Color Proof  carries all vegan, plant based products that are gluten free, sulfate free, and salt free! ( Perfect for Keratin Treatments 😉 ) Tru Curl Perfecting Creme enhances your natural curl, providing them with separation and control while still protecting against heat and keeping your color looking vibrant! 
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Seaweed and Sugarcane, along with Illumacurl Complex activates curl memory and gives structure while leaving hair frizz free and smelling delicious 😊 We recommend pairing the Tru Curl Perfecting Creme with the Curl Perfecting Shampoo and conditioner. It gives you the added moisture, shine and more curl control! 

Another great product we recommend is the Curl Up Control Creme by KMS. It provides moisture leaving hair frizz free while shaping and bundling your curls for long lasting separation! Just wash your hair with your stylist recommended shampoo and conditioner, apply the Curl Up Control Creme to wet hair, let air dry or diffuse, and start your day! 
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You can purchase any of these amazing products here at dsParada!

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