Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Say NO to Box Color!

Why Professional Color is Better!
By: Don Stacy Patronelli

Any professional hair stylist will tell you to stay far away from box color - and for good reason!
Though it may be easier and cheaper, it is highly damaging on your strands, and will leave your hair with very unpleasant results.
You may be someone who has been using box colors for years – and in your opinion- getting color that you are happy with; However, after repeatedly applying box color to your tresses, you’re making your hair more and more porous and packing in more of the highly chemically pigmented color into your strands - which will eventually cause your hair to be patchy, darker, duller, weak and damaged!  If you care about your hair, then take care of it professionally!

Pro vs Box > Results

Box color is formulated so that everyone and anyone can use it. But how is this possible? We don’t all have the same hair type, condition, or natural color. That’s because most box dyes are formulated with maximum amounts of pigment and developer so that it is able to work on most people – and this is awful!
 If you are someone who is using box color, have you ever felt like your ‘root’ area is growing faster than you think your hair is? That’s because your hair is breaking off. The mixture of dehydrating metallic salts, as well as the high amounts of ammonia (or just as bad chemicals replacing ammonia), creates the perfect cocktail of hair destruction. When you see a hair professional, they examine your hair strands for porosity and damage, evaluate your natural color and/or color that is already on your hair, percentage of grey (if any), and skin and eye color.  From there, they work out an educated formula that will give you the outcome you want while complimenting your tones with no damage - because they are using the correct color pigments needed with the lowest developer necessary.
Application is an extremely important factor when it comes to applying color, as well. Not knowing correct color application can lead to blotchiness, darker tips or lighter root. It can even cause burns and abrasions to your scalp and skin!

Celebrities do not use box color!
Have you seen the commercials with Beyonce, Eva Longoria, and Gwen Stefani advertising for box color? If you’re buying into these products hoping to get the glamorous locks of the rich and famous, then be prepared for disappointment! These stars go to extremely high end salons where they will spend hours and hundreds of dollars to achieve their famous looks. They are getting paid hundreds of thousands to promote for these companies, but unfortunately, it is all a lie (welcome to Hollywood, right?). 

Most people use box color for the cheap price. Well, think of it this way:  Since you are thoroughly damaging your strands from box color, you are more than likely going to require more frequent cuts then you usually would. On top of that, having unpleasant results from box color (most common problems are hair turning orange, purple, unwanted darkness, and blotchy/patchy color), that you then want a qualified professional to fix will require a lot more time needed to fix and A LOT more money. A corrective color is a tediously long and very expensive service that the stylist has to work very hard on. So, your sense of trying to save a buck is now costing you triple to quadruple the price and time then it would have if you just paid a professional to give you perfect results to begin with!

In summary, hair color should be respected. For something that is changing the entire molecular structure of your hair, it is more than just the goop you can apply in your bathroom to give you that bombshell red you've been wanting.
dsparada always stays up to date on hair technology and color techniques, and we are always able to give our clients the hair color they desire while keeping the integrity of their hair.   

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