Thursday, December 17, 2015

Spruce up for the Holidays!

By: Don Stacy Patronelli

Admit it, you spend tons of time shopping for pretty pieces to update your winter wardrobe but pay scant (if any) attention to your poor, suffering strands. And after summer’s onslaught of all the feel-good-yet-very-bad-for-your-hair elements like sun, salt water, and chlorine not to mention skipping trips to the salon, your locks are going to need some serious rehab…like right now! That’s why I put together this list of things you can do to make your mane look healthy, shiny, and effortlessly beautiful into the holiday season.

The Big Fix
Post-summer, is your color dried, fried and faded? No surprise there! To bring it back to life, start with gentle shampooing to remove product buildup, I recommend (ColorProof Detox). Next moisturize to strengthen strands and reduce split ends. Then to add amazing shine I recommend my favorite service clear of color gloss the next time you visit the salon. It’s a great fix for dull hair of any hue and will make it smoother and easier to manage in one simple step.

 Lighten Up
While a lot of women darken their hair color in the winter months, I like to take the opposite approach, I think it’s a great time to go lighter because winter is dark and dreary and we need to stand out! Or try something sublt if you love dimensional color but want something soft and natural-looking because let’s face it nothing says “dated” like blonde-on-blonde highlights. Consider baby lights. Baby lights mimic how your hair looked as a child when you were out in the sun and the effect is achieved by painting highlight in extremely small sections.

Add Bangs
Update your do by having some fun fringe snipped in. See which ones will work for you based on your face shape and hair texture

Fringe Style…                                   
Blunt________________________Square face, high forehead
Angled_______________________Round face Square hairline
Micoro________________________Oval face balance features

OR give’em the boot!

You love’em throughout the summer, but now you’re ready to break up with your bangs, to do this gracefully ask your stylist to point cut your fringe to add some texture and remove weight. This will add air to the edges as bangs grow out and make the process graceful instead of painful.

Try the Razored Layers
Fall in love with your bob all over again by having your stylist add some razored layers, it will let you achieve loose, lived-in texture. Plus the razor allows hair to look piecy with minimal layers “ask for weight removal” instead of short layers.

Party Time
Its never too soon to plan ahead for all the seasonal soirees to come! Here are some ideas and practice makes perfect!
To enhance the shape of your short style blow dry it immediately after towel drying hair and use a texture spray or dry shampoo, I recommend (Goldwells Dry Shampoo). Don’t be afraid to experiment with waves, deep side parts and full voluminous blowouts to keep it fresh.


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