Friday, September 8, 2017

How to - Fall Fashionista

How to- Fall Fashionista

In a world where trends change like the cover of magazines, it’s hard to know what kind
of change you should make to your hair this fall season. With summer seemingly in our rear
view mirrors and our hair left out to dry, it’s time to look forward to fall and embrace a change.
The season of crisp, rich deep haircolors and short sassy textured haircuts is upon us!
This season try on a cropped style for a change, take those long beachy waves and
giving them a chop,shoulder length is where sophistication begins this fall but wait this haircut is
versatile! You can smooth this out and have a beautiful sleek, layered haircut and by night with
the quick twirl of a curling wand have sassy flirty waves. Try combining this haircut with some
caramel blonde balayage over a chestnut base this adds dimension to your hair and when you
twirl your curling wand the dimension pops even more.
If simple glamour is more your thing try a smoky brown or a crisp platinum blonde,with
an every hair in its place cut, cut to your chin and a dramatic fringe to top it off. All eyes on you
as you strut your stuff! Cool tones are what’s hot right now from summer right into fall. If your
underlying skin tone notes pink or blue know that you can wear anything from a smokey brown
to an icy platinum no problem. Long gone are the days when you must go dark in fall and light in
the summer. Just a change of hair color for the change of season is enough to make you feel
If you are a little more geek chic then look no further than your pixie long or short. While still very
classic chic this style offers lots texture for easy styling for the on the go, working fashionista!
Kick it up a notch by adding a fashion panel of any rainbow color! This accentuates your
personality just enough to keep them guessing.
Looking for a longer version of sexy?! The shag is full of texture, movement and very
versatile whether you are a wash and go girl or a blow out queen. This haircut looks great wet to
air dry or heat infused. The shorter option is the gypsy shag, think Joan Jet but not 1979 Joan
Jet, 2018 working sophistication or as we like to call it the SSS factor. Strong sexy sassy. This
haircut is a favorite of the season great for any hair type and any face shape. As the shag never
really left is has exploded into this year! What kind of color goes with a shag? You want to focus
on panel coloring or baby lights and less on the balayage, focusing the attention on the face.
Creating more depth in the back and getting lighter towards the face.
Remember always consult with your stylist so that you can have the perfect look for your
face shape and color for your skin tone! Don’t be afraid to try a new trendy look because you
might surprise yourself and realize a new look is exactly what you needed! If bold change isn’t
your thing, subtle changes can be made to any style as you evolve into a trend-setting

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