Thursday, February 7, 2019

Why I Can’t Live Without These 3 Hair Products!

By: Brianna Gallo
There are so many different types of hair products being produced throughout the world. There are large varieties of shampoos and conditioners as there are hair sprays and voluminous products. Each product is made for a certain type of hair texture or style the buyer is looking for. Some individuals have super thick and curly hair while others may have thin and super straight hair. I like to think I fall somewhere in between the two of those extremes. I am also one to not want to do too much maintenance on my hair daily due to a lack of time to spend on my hair before my day starts (and just being a little lazy). On a daily basis, there are three products that I have learned to love so much, I don’t think I’d ever be able to live without them.

The first is ColorProof's TruCurl Curl Perfecting Creme. This curl creme is one that I easily apply to my hair when I first get out of the shower. This not only helps to keep my hair less frizzy but helps to enhance my natural curls to help control my hair as well as give each curl shape. Not only does this help do all of those things for my hair but the company is one I love since they are strictly cruelty free towards animals with all of their products!

The second product on my list of favorites is Goldwell’s Color Brilliance Serum Spray. This product is a great leave in conditioner that I apply all over my hair when its been towel dried or damp. It helps to regenerate the hair as well as protect any color that has been applied as well as keeping my hair looking shiny. I love how this makes my hair feel on a day to day basis when I use with my TruCurl crème and the pomegranate scent it has smells amazing.

The last and final product that I would never give up is for when I am having a lazy day and don’t have the time to wash my hair. ColorProof’s Fresh Start Soft Dry Shampoo helps to leave my hair feeling clean and smooth and removes excess oil or residue by them being absorbed with the rice starch. Not only does it do all of these things, but it is also used for heat protection for up to 450 degrees.

With these products alone, I am able to keep my hair feeling clean, frizz free and feeling smooth. For someone who wants a quick fix to frizz and dry hair, these products are also for you!

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