Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Keratin Treatments

Goodbye fly a ways and bad hair days!
By: Don Stacy Patronelli

Keratin Treatments have been a worldwide hype in the salon industry, not to mention for women and men alike who suffer from downright unmanageable hair! So what's the big deal with them? Who's a good candidate for this service? Well, let's understand the what's and the how's of a typical keratin treatment:
Keratin is a family of fibrous structural proteins that is the key structural component of hair. In fact, healthy hair contains approximately 90% of keratin. Most Keratin treatments use nanomolecular keratin which penetrates and fills damaged parts of the hair. This revolutionary process gives you amazing and instant results that eliminate frizz, reduces curl, adds silkiness and shine, dramatically reduces styling time, and can even help heal damaged hair.

The formulas keep improving, and more and more treatments are coming into the market. With so many options around these days, how do you know which treatment to choose? Luckily at DsParada, we stick to our high standards and carry only the finest – and our talented stylists can use their expertise to decide which option will work the best for your hair type and lifestyle, so you can achieve the most optimal results!  Here is a breakdown of what we offer:

The Brand: Keratin Complex by Coppola

Keratin Complex has changed the beauty industry – starting with their signature smoothing therapy and continuing with a complete range of products and styling tools. Since their launch in 2007, Keratin Complex has led the way with innovative technology and amazing results. At DsParada, we are always looking to bring the best quality products and services to our clients, especially when it comes to using safe ingredients. So we are proud to offer Keratin Complex,  as it was the first OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant Keratin treatment brand. What does this mean? A lot of smoothing treatments on the market release harmful gases, such as Formaldehyde.  OSHA is responsible for issuing workplace health and safety regulations and performed independent air safety tests on Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy. Results showed that exposure levels were 87% lower than the OSHA limit. Their treatments and products are specially formulated to contain natural keratin protein; which rebuilds, restores, and rejuvenates all types of hair. No wonder Keratin Complex is now the leading smoothing system in the world, and we are happy to provide it!

The Treatment:  Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy

Lasts: 3-5 months Cost: Starts at $300.00
This revolutionary smoothing system infuses Keratin deep into the hair cuticle, eliminating up to ninety-five percent of frizz and curl and leaving the hair smooth, shiny and luxurious. Client testimonials refer to the treatment as “life changing”. It rejuvenates and revitalizes the hair, giving it a softer, silkier feel that everyone can rave about. Additional benefits include healing promotion, humidity blocking, and prevention of environmental toxins from entering the hair.

The Brand: Pravana

Pravana is dedicated to a caring and responsible approach to beauty. Pravana products are free of parabens, sulfites, cocamide DEA, formaldehyde, phthalates, and many other hard to pronounce ingredients that are used in cosmetic products but known to be harmful to users or the environment. This hybrid approach, which combines time proven botanical extracts and natural proteins with modern elements such as nano-amino acids and micro-polymers,provides hair care that is truly super-natural.

The Treatment: Perfection Keratin Treatment

Lasts: 8-12 weeks Cost: Starts at $200.00
The perfection Keratin Treatment transforms coarse, frizzy hair to smooth and superbly shiny results. It utilizes a proprietary nano-amino acid complex that virtually alters the internal textural memory of the hair fiber to transform it to a smoother, frizz-free state. As there slogan goes, “why stop at great, when you can have perfection?”

The Brand: Simply Smooth

Simply Smooth products are from the bountiful land of New Zealand. They use a unique blend of keratin from human hair – which is naturally more compatible with our own hairs structure – together with botanical keratin found in the stems of seaweed and plants that gently work with the hair to allow your strands to move naturally, giving you the flexibility to wear your hair smooth, wavy or curly. Above all else, it makes your hair so much easier to control and style without the annoying frizz and puff that humidity can cause.

The Treatment: Color Lock

Lasts: 2-4 weeks Cost:$50.00
This formaldehyde free treatment is a unique blend of 50% human hair keratin and 50%collagen, used together with apple pulp extract and vanillin, it will dramatically reduce color fade whilst restoring the health and vitality of your hair with pure keratin. Treatment benefits include: Sealed in hair color and color fade reduction, humidity barrier, moisture locking technology that intensifies shine, curl texture reduction of 25% to 50%, magnifies color dimension and reflection, repairs hair integrity and elasticity, heals split ends and repels environmental build up. Another benefit of this product is that you are able to wash your hair after 24hours.

The Treatment: X-tend Magic Potion (at home treatment)
Suitable for all hair types and Sodium Chloride Free. X-tend Keratin reparative magic potion is a botanically blended keratin infused potion that will: Help protect hair from thermal abuse, lock in hair color, control frizzing, add incredible shine and volume, hydrate, smooth, detangle, repairs elasticity, provide thermal protection, helps extend keratin treatments, and leaves hair silky and free of split ends. Apply to damp hair, comb, and watch the magic happen!


The aftercare from receiving a keratin treatment is quick and painless. Do not wash your hair for at least 3 days (72 hours) after the service, and avoid putting your hair up, tucking behind your ears, head bands, bobby pins, and overall any moisture / wetness to your new hair. To preserve and extend your treatment, use sulfate free shampoo and conditioner following your 3 day no-wetness interval. Our stylists can help you pick out a Shampoo and Conditioner that would be perfect for your hair type and will work with your treatment, also.

All the treatments we provide can be used on previously colored and or bleached hair, and you can still continue your hair coloring routine at DsParada without worrying about further damage to your hair.
In summary, these treatments are a great investment to put into yourself- whether your hair is frizzy, curly, wavy, damaged, course - or all of the above, a keratin treatment can truly help you and your hair styling needs.
With the warm and humid months quickly approaching, why not schedule your consult appointment today with one of our reputable stylists for a future of manageable, beautiful, summer ready hair!





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