Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love is in the Hair!

Wedding Hair at DsParadaBy: Don Stacy Patronelli

It’s that time of year again, the season of women frantically planning and prepping for their most special day of their lives – Their Wedding Day!
Let’s be honest ladies, we have all had fantasies of a fairy tale ceremony since we were kids. We know what we want from the cake to the dress, to the venue and the guests!

One of the most important factors for the bride is how they are going to look on their day of matrimony. After all, they get to be the center of everyone’s attention for the whole day. Every women wants to look and feel like a princess, and so they should! Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event. You’re going to be looking at pictures of yourself in the many years to come, and you should look as stunning as possible!

 An essential attribute to your look is your hair. It should be done in a matter to capture your personality, go with the theme of your wedding, and compliment your dress.
The stylists at Raleigh’s DsParada Color Salon have developed a following as the area’s premier salon for bridal parties. We are always up to date on the very latest wedding trends and styles, so you can rest assured that you can achieve that glamorous look you desire.

All brides schedule a consultation with a stylist prior setting an official appointment. It is suggested to bring in a picture of your dress, as well as inspirational photos of what styles you like. The stylist will listen to your every need and gather all the information necessary, to the slightest detail, and will than plan accordingly to set up your ‘trial’ do.
Wedding services we currently offer are:
            In Salon service for the Bride
               Practice Up Do ( up to 3 trials)
            Wedding Picture Up Do
               Total Bridge Package - All items above for $235.00
            Out of Salon Wedding  - Consult

Another significant aspect to complete your look is make up. At DsParada, we can save you time from searching by bringing in a talented and trusted makeup artist for you; or if you choose, you may bring in your own.
We know the day of your wedding is the most special of a lifetime, and we strive to make your day as memorable and stress free as possible. Upon you and your bridal party arriving, we will serve champagne and hors d’oeuvres, just for that little something extra special!

With so much to plan for your day, you can be rest assured in the talented hands of DsParada!

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