Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Curly Hair Problems 101

By: Don Stacy Patronelli
It goes to say that we always want the hair we don’t have. Well, I have very multi-textural, puffy, frizzy, and unmanageable curly hair, and yet, I still love curly hair… Just not MY curly hair. I never ware my hair in its natural state, as it is far too out of control to be seen in public. I stopped trying products that promised to calm my tresses with no avail, and decided to just leave my strands alone and stop trying to tame the wild beast that is my hair. Resulting: falling victim to the damaging effects of daily flat ironing. Ladies with flawless bouncy ringlets, those with ‘a day at the beach’ looking waves, just to name a few types of curls that have always made me slightly envious. Fortunately, there is help for us not so lucky folk: DevaCurl is our savior! DevaCurl knows ALL about curls. They use a 3 step program that involves wash, condition and gel/styling product, that keeps your curls in shape and moisturized all day long. With the use of these products and their easy 3 step program, you will be on your way to show off your natural bounce!

(All Products below are sold at Dsparada!)
Cleanse & Condition
(Step 1 & 2)
DevaCurl No-Poo
The original non-lathering shampoo alternative. Sulfate free and highly moisturizing cleanser, it stimulates hydrates and cleans the scalp and hair to reveal the healthiest, bounciest natural curls.
DevaCurl Low-Poo
A mild lathering moisturizing cleanser that gently cleans and hydrates to restore shiny, healthy curls and provide long-lasting color.
DevaCurl One Condition
This ultra creamy daily conditioner provides maximum hydration and is perfect for all curl types. You can even leave a small amount on the hair without rinsing. It will act as a leave in conditioner for all day hydration and frizz free without weighing your curls down. The only conditioner you’ll need!
Defining & Styling (Step 3)
DevaCurl Light Defining Gel
This light hold moisturizing and defining gel dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair. As it dries, light defining gel forms a moisture-protective cast to enhance curls.
DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel
An ultra hold moisturizing and defining gel dissolves instantly when applied to wet hair. As it dries, Ultra Defining Gel forms a moisture-protective cast to enhance curls. This is essentially the same as DevaCurl Light Defining Gel, but with a slightly stronger formula for those who need that extra hold.
*Suggested use for the gels: Tilt head forward. Scrunch wet curls in an upward motion. Apply gel between palms and glide through hair. Scrunch upward toward the scalp to define curls. Once dry, scrunch curls again to release cast and to reveal beautiful curls!*
DevaCurl Styling Cream
This botanically infused cream conditions, enhances and defines curls. Provides natural hold, humidity resistance and leaves curls moisturized and frizz free. Scrunch throughout damp hair, targeting cleanser curls for ultimate conditioning. You can also use on dry hair for individual curl definition!
DevaCurl Set it Free Moisture Lock Spray
Eliminate frizz, add shine and enhance curls with this 24-48 hour moisture lock spray. You can mist this lightweight spray on wet or dry hair, anytime you desire for maximum frizz prevention.
Want to try DevaCurl before buying the full sizes? We suggest:
DevaCurl Trail + Travel Kit
Our airport-friendly travel kit features the DevaCurl essentials packaged in convenient 3oz bottles. The speciality kit includes: DevaCurl No-Poo Cleanser, DevaCurl One Condition, DevaCurl Light Defining Gel, and DevaCurl Set it Free Moisture Lock Spray.

Kevin.Murphy also has a styling cream product to help with curly hair called Easy.Rider. It de-frizzes and activates curl with added vitamins and minerals that treat your hair as you style. In addition, it thickens fine hair but softens thick hair, strengthens and helps prevent breakage. Apply to damp or dry hair and style as normal.

Tips & Tricks for Curly Hair
Throw in the towel – A terry cloth towel and your hair should never meet! The fabric is harsh and creates friction on curls that ruffle the cuticle of the hair, causing excessive and un-wanting frizz. The material also soaks up too much moisture and conditioner from the hair, something your curls need to stay frizz free and healthy! Try using a micro fiber towel or an old cotton t-shirt, instead, and only blot it dry instead of rubbing back and forth. While we are on the note of switching materials, change your cotton pillow case to a satin case. Satin doesn’t pull at curls, nor suck the moisture out of them, so your next-day hair is bound to be an awesome second day style!
Feed Your Curls – Despite its larger than life presence, curly hair tends to be more fragile than other hair types and it’s definitely drier. Healthy fats like omega-3 help make hair shiny and prevent a dry scalp. To hydrate from within, eat foods that contain these fats like avocados, ground flax seeds and/or oil, coconut oil, fish, egg yolks and spinach.
Combing – Avoid using brushes and narrow-toothed combs, opt for a wide toothed comb which causes less frizz and breakage. It’s best to avoid completely combing through your hair. Try to set your part, then comb through as little hair as possible at the crown to have the hair lay as you want it.
No touchy! – Avoid touching your hair as much as possible! This can separate your curls and lead to unwanted frizz.

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