Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tease to Please!

The right way to add height and volume to your hair!
By: Don Stacy Patronelli

If you’re one of those who suffer from flat hair, giving your hair a good tease is an easy way to add that lift and volume to your do. With the correct technique and quality products, you can achieve the puff you want that will last all day.

Trying to tease too much hair at a time is the number one mistake beginners make. Start with small section of hair, teasing it at the roots, then work your way around the crown, flipping each section of hair forward when you’re done with it. Once you’ve finished one row, work your way back, again, teasing small sections at a time. Save your sides for last since they usually need just a small amount of teasing.
Start a few inches in front of where you want your volume to be. Don’t start teasing right at the crown, it will leave you with a flat crown and puffy back-of-the-head look. In order to get that sassy crown volume, you basically need to start back-combing the hair right behind your bangs.
Go big! It’s easier to brush out extra volume (is there such a thing?) than to add more once you’ve finished teasing. Voluminous hair styles are dramatic and attention-getting–don’t be afraid!
Remember, practice makes perfect. Like any skill, teasing takes time to master. Watch videos on YouTube, and try a few different combos of product and combs and in no time you’ll be pumping up the volume like a champ!

Products to help:

Kevin.Murphy Powder.Puff
This has got to be one of the best products for teasing, hands down. It’s a volumising powder that you will sprinkle onto damp or dry roots that will create massive volume and texture.  If you like that big, bed head sexy look, than you will love this stuff. It will add a great puff onto the hair prior teasing, but can also create a messy casual volume with a few shakes on the hair you want body on. The powder basically morphs into a product that holds and leaves you with a volumness matte texture.

Kevin.Murphy Body.Builder
A volumising mousse that adds body and boosts your hair with flexible fullness and hold. You can layer this product onto the hair to create smooth big shapes. Although it’s a mouse, don’t be afraid to use quite a lot of it if you desire, as it’s weightless and moisturizing, so you don’t need to worry about that “crunch” that a lot of mousse’s will do. Apply it to damp hair and dry in.

Kevin.Murphy Anti.Gravity.Spray
A weightless volume spray that adds volume and reinforces shine. It’s infused with organic lavender hydrosol to achieve body and hold to all hair types. All you need to do is apply it to damp hair before styling.

Kevin.Murphy Anti. Gravity
An oil free volumiser and texturiser. For bigger, thicker hair, apply to wet hair and dry in. Helps hold your style whether it is curled or blown out. Adds control to flyaway’s with an oil free shine.

Kevin.Murphy Session.Spray
Hold that tease in place with this strong hold finishing spray that provides a firm, weightless, lasting hold. It contains hydrolyzed wheat proteins, natural fragrance oils, and a UV shield for color protection. It provides intense hold and memory with excellent resistance against high humidity, allowing brushing ability with no flakiness!

Teasing Tool
Too often, women grab a fine-tooth teasing comb as their tool. If it's easier for you to style with a comb, that's just fine, but take note that this can be more damaging to hair if not used properly. Your best bet is a teasing brush, which has gentler, serrated boar bristles that vary in length to give you friction without breakage as you tease! 

All the Kevin.Murphy products listed are all sold at DsParada color salon. Ask your stylist to use those products on your hair if you want to try them out, as well as asking them to tease your hair for your own personal tutorial! 

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