Thursday, October 2, 2014

Save Your Strands

Save Your Strands
By: Don Stacy Patronelli
Your hair doesn’t have to look like a hot mess when the scorching summer ends. Fix frizz and color fading so, your style sizzles all winter long.

Boost Limp Locks- Blame flat strands on a greater-than-usual buildup of oil and excess tanning lotions that weigh down your roots. Even sweat accumulates on your scalp, leaving hair extra greasy, adds residue from styling product and your end of summer volumizing attempt are sure to be thwarted.

Repair ItCleanse with a clarifying shampoo too remove residue (ColorProof Clear It) if you’re active and/or use a lot of styling product, wash it weekly; otherwise, once or twice a month is sufficient. When it comes time to style, reach for dry shampoo (Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo) it contains tiny particles of starch and minerals that attach to hair creating fullness while also absorbing oil.
This is one product you do want to concentrate at the root. So hold can 2 to 3 inches away from your head, separate hair into 3 inch sections, spritz the underside of each, and then massage in with fingertips.
The prevention and cure are one and the same. Split ends are like a virus- once you have them; they’re going to keep spreading the sole solution is to cut them off. In the meantime, you can use products marked as menders as a temporary fix they bind the broken ends together (typically using polymers) but, alas, only until your next shampoo.
Help hide color changes with highlights. A color-depositing gloss is the ideal remedy for restoring richness has one done at the salon. Whether it’s used weekly or monthly, a glaze will help keep your hue true all winter long.
At the end of Summer the sun is the main cause of straw-like mane. People don’t realize that UV rays are bad for your skin and hair. They lift and open the cuticle, the protective outer layer of hair allowing the moisture inside to steep out. Salt water and chlorine are also to blame. Both are very drying, especially when hair is already damaged.
This easy overnight treatment will deliver softer locks by morning! Pre-bedtime apply an almond size dollop of deep conditioner or mask to clean damp hair. Try (Kevin Murphy Born Again Treatment) massage from mid shaft, down smoothing any leftover product on the roots, then pin up hair and cover with shower cap. Rinse in the morning and style as usual. This will help the hair get back to its pre-summer state.
Stop End of Summer Split Ends- Though even normal wear and tear can cause the hair shaft to literally reach the breaking point, the problem is more prevalent during the end of summer. When hair is usually dryer and more damaged other mitigating factors. Besides being more likely to forgo their regular haircuts women are also frequently wearing their hair up and constantly putting it in a ponytail or top knot. Especially with elastics that pull and tug increases the likelihood of breakage.
Stop The Fading- Whether you color your hair or not the sun can wreak havoc on your hue. Bleaching it several shades lighter over the summer. If you color your hair you may also notice other changes, for instance, brunettes turn brassy and blondes look dingy. When hair is damaged, color molecules from the dye start to slip out, altering the tone. Another culprit? Chlorine, which leaves a greenish cast that especially noticeable on blondes.

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