Thursday, October 2, 2014

Your Hair and Your Skin

Your Hair and Your Skin 
By: Don Stacy Patronelli
Most people don’t think that their skin type has anything to do with their hair. This is actually NOT TRUE! Often times if your skin tends to be dry or dehydrated this directly effects your hair too. The same goes for oily skin and oily hair. This can be due to genetics, lifestyle, hormones, and even stress!  So, if you’re finding that your hair is getting overly oily or your ends are crunchy and brittle, take a look at your skin too. This could be a good indication that your body is need of a little TLC. Take a day to pamper yourself and treat your body from head to toe!

The Kevin.Murphy line offers a wide range of products that not only treat the hair, but even the scalp as well. Your hair can only be as good as the scalp it comes from and Kevin.Murphy gets that! It’s skin care for your hair. Products are made from renewable and sustainable resources whenever possible. Kevin.Murphy uses essential oils, plant extracts, and natural antioxidants from kakadu plum, orchid, lotus flower, and desert lime just to name a few. And as a plus, all products are sulphate and paraben free!

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