Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Color Corrections

By: Don Stacy Patronelli

Color corrections:

The expensive and damaging process

Hair color is supposed to convey a message about personality and taste in style, so when hair turns an undesirable color, most people tend to flip! Unfortunately, we all know someone that has used box dye and achieved a brassy, copper color he or she is distraught about. This poor individual is in need of a color correction.  Usually the term color correction refers to the warm, orange tones often applied with poor quality dye and is often a do-it-yourself process. However, if a client has been coloring their hair dark brown for the last 4 years, and all of the sudden they want to put in full highlights, a color correction process is necessary in order for the highlights to come out in a desired tone. 

When stylists lighten hair, color pigment is being taken out, not put into the hair. Along with the pigment, proteins and nutrients leave the hair as well.  This is why clients often have damaged hair and need some sort of treatment to bring it back to life.  That's why products like the Ola Plex are so magical! Ola Plex is a treatment agent that multiplies bonds and cross-links broken bonds so the lightening process is much more gentle on hair!  It can be used in color or as a treatment option on its own.  With the Ola Plex now entering the hair industry, stylists are now able to lift color by many more levels.  Although new breakthroughs are being reached, clients are still looking at a few salon appointments to achieve a dramatic color correction (black to blonde). 
Color correction is not only a time consuming process for the stylist, but it's very expensive for the client.  This is another reason stylists cannot stress enough to visit the salon before contemplating putting that new Burgundy box dye in your hair, especially on top of blonde tones.   There are some stylists out there that charge up to 200 dollars on hour for their time and its possible a client spends 4 hours in a salon.  That's a hefty bill and not everyone can afford something like that.  If a client want a fun color, we always recommend visiting a salon, so at least quality products are being put into your hair. It's much easier when the stylist has the information on the history of the client's hair.  Remember to weigh out the consequences of both your hair's health and bank account before putting foreign colors on top of your head!

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