Friday, February 3, 2017

Color Revival

Trade in last year's Ho-Hum colors for some new alternatives!

Whats New
Want to know what hues will be happening in the months to come? Springs the time to go lighter and shorter. For blondes, the Popularity of platinum will continue to grow, just be sure to have the cool skin tone to support it! Red heads who were dark all winter can greet the season with some highlights. As brunette's,  its time to experiment with sombre, also known as a softer ombre,  which is something we will be seeing more of this spring. Plus you can dimensionalize your color with off the scalp highlights. 

Color Forecast 

Sunny apricot- If your torn between blonde and red then there is a fabulous fusion of pale apricot and splashes of gold placed at the temples and into the fringe.  This is used to create even more dimension by having your colorist place slices at the top of the crown.

On Fire Red- Fiery red with lots of subtle dimension can compliment the warmth of any woman. For a peaches and cream completion apply  these shades in the crown with a triangular shape tho create a pinwheel like effect that shimmers like a flickering flame.

Downtown brown
dark chocolate with violet in the formula is just right for anyone with a hipster sense of style. The bob's wispy, shorter than expected bangs look is so striking against the chocolate cherry or chocolate violet hue. Just when we'd heard ombre was over the trend has reemerged in even more dramatic form: in addition, to lighten sections starting further up the hair shaft. In shades like cherry cola to hot caramel, fiery reds and apricot warm browns. Balayage has been around for 20 years and now more popular than ever, its made ombre and sombre today. Its hand painted into section free handed which offers a subtler, more blended look then highlights done with foils. This is my Go to for highlights these days.

Get Layered For Spring
Precise layers are the key to achieving exactly what you want. Low-Key Sexy, this alluring look focuses on layered grids that fall to ear level at the sides, and then go longer and angled at the nape. The result is a chop/ bob hybrid that full on top courtesy of long crown layers and flared ends, peek-a-boo bangs complete the sexy appeal. Going Uber short has never been more popular whether going with a chop pixie or a hip hop hipster feel. A beautiful face takes center stage in these two stunning cuts, adds jagged- edged bangs, pointy sideburns and carefu
lly crafted layers and you will have chic at its best this spring!

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