Thursday, February 2, 2017

All Eyes On You

Hey, want all  eyes on you? Heck yeah! Well "On the Job" the triangle has a lot of great looks for the Professional and it does make a difference at work. From downtown, North Raleigh, R.T.P and Cary. 
The Corporate Cutie  It may be all business from 9 to 5 but after hours, you can unleash your wild side and turn a versatile cut up a notch into something edgy, sexy and fun! Your key cuts are: Versatile layers, graduated bobs and sharp angles. 
Hospitality Gals  Your hair may take longer to style but as a hotel concierge, hostess, or a night club owner you want to look as good as your posh clientele! Your key cuts are: Volume, Trendy Color and Pieced out Pixies. 
Service Sirens whether your walking the beat as a cop, teaching a class, or tending to sick patients, your job calls for no-fuss hair that is either short enough to stay out of your face or long enough to pull back. Your key cuts are: short crops, pixies, and lobs. The hottest shades of blonde, brunette, and red take a turn for the softer side in 2016. Whether your ready to make a dramatic change or just want to update your existing hair color, 2016 will see the long awaited return to softer, more natural shades across the Triangle.
The past few years have given rise to hair colors with a bold feel, featuring graphical lines of demarcation and major upkeep. However, the severity of traditional ombres, platinum blonde, jet blacks, and dip dyed has confined hair into very limited parameters in look. Black hair will get a much needed update and redheads will finally have some fun. I believe that hair is a canvas to paint on and make no two clients the same. The shift from flat, blunt colors of last year to fluid colors they are now giving clients at their respective salons. We are moving forward from harsher looks into something softer, hence the name sombre- a soft ombre. The fun part is that this effect can be used on clients with any hair color. These more sophisticated renditions of color have more tonal varieties with softer delineation blending colors together seamlessly. The extra depth and dimension these colors provide give your hair movement which makes it look healthier and shinier.  Platinum blonde has been having its moment of glory for the past few years but the stark, high maintenance shade is falling out favor. Icy cool blonde will be phased out with wheat- like, soft beige tones and golden honey shades.  Another option is going "Bronde" The ideal combination of brown and blonde tones that is perfect for darker haired clients seeking a lighter hue and for blondes who want something darker without going fully brunette. 
 Having gorgeous hair has never been easier for brown haired beauties. For darker  hair tones the sombre technique is  the way to go. I love this effect as it works for any brunette client since your simply warming up the color and adding radiance to your skin with understated, sun-kissed highlights. You don't need to feel obligated to stay in your color family either, you can add caramel, honey, or red-gold (rose-gold) highlights to your hair to wake up and revive your look. 
Sombre is about getting away from drastic ombre. I hand paint the highlights more from underneath and on the mid-shaft to the ends: my clients will still visually read as having dark hair but it has much more interest. On medium to light-brown hair I add more highlights around the face and throughout. I always glaze brunettes with bronze tones. Sombre is perfect for brunettes who want change but not commitment.  Now lets spice things up by ditching uniform shades of red. As most redheads know the most pressing concerns of having flame colored hair is keeping the color true to itself. Color shades of red can turn brassy while deeper or brighter shades fade pretty quickly. Because of this, red hair needs to be refreshed on a regular basis. 

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