Friday, February 3, 2017

Spruce up your hair color

What's hot in the months to come?
Sizzling color!

Brunettes/Hot Caramel - If you are a light or medium brunette, spice it up with a caramel or toffee tone with a splash of red in front. Have your colorist add highlights and lowlights to the fringed and try the nape darker.
**Who can wear it: If you give one shade more dominance then the other it will compliment cool or warm skin tones.

Sweet Toffee - A lighter golden brown takes dark blonde into a whole different place or it can let a darker brunette get a taste of a much lighter shade. Roots are left darker for depth and tri tones are placed through the fringe.
**Who can wear it: Almost anyone can wear the shade except for a natural light blonde with blue eyes.

Chocolate Cherry - This deep rich hue sizzles with warmth especially when hair is styled smooth. Just keep in mind that the darker your natural hair the more brown you'll see.
**Who can wear it: If you are a natural brunette you probably have warm skin tones so it will work for you.

In the months to come we will be seeing a lot of warm, chocolate, and coppery tones with sun kissed shimmers in highlights through the base color. For summer we will see adding a few foils through the front of a longer side fringe which is an eye catching pop of color.

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