Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fall for Color

By Don Stacy Patronelli
While the temperatures are cooling down, your look is heating up. Rich tones, sexy silhouettes and textured tresses will be at the forefront of trends this fall. I am going to give you some expert insight on how to get seasons most fashion forward styles.
Hair color will be very blended, very beautiful. The bright, strong high fashion colors are a muted back seat and we are seeing a lot of soft tones with warmer color effects. If you are looking for more of a pop of color in your hair but still want to see it more on the conservative side you can have more of the muted tones. We do accent highlights in the salon. Six to eight foils in the hair to give a monet of color here and there. You can camouflage those highlights within our natural hair color or you can make those as bright as you want.
Green is a big color for fall. Just sayin’! Lol! If you have a big personality and you like change, GO FOR IT!
Rusty tones are also going to be really popular. A combination of rust and violet in one. So you have those warm and cool tones.
For blondes, color is like coral, lilac, peach and yes sea foam green. They are beautifully blended into the hair. With brunettes violets, emeralds, and sapphires in the hair look very hot and bold.
For hair color techniques, we’re seeing balayage tones done with naturally warmer, richer tones. We are also seeing a combination of ombre and balayage all in one a combination of blended colors through the mid length but with a pop of bolder color on the ends.  We are also holding strong to the lob! We’re seeing it very weighed and one-length or we’re seeing it with a thicker texture that is broken up for a shorter effect and then trashing into the shag which is what I spoke about in previous article.

Texture is popular on so many different levels. If you have fine hair and you want more body you can build texture through styling products that will create a soft beachy waves in the hair and short hair can make a play on texture. Just have fun with it. Play with different type of tools; flat iron, curling iron, wand, and roll brushes for a beautiful finish. Dsparada color salon does three thousand services a year and we make sure no matter who comes into our salon they are treated as a VIP and receive the absolute best service. 


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